20 Festive Christmas Cookie Recipes

November 29, 2022

This list of 20 Festive Christmas Cookie Recipes is filled with a wide variety of scrumptious cookies sure to make everyone happy during the holiday season. Not only are they fun to eat, they’re fun to make!


Hands down, one of my favorite holiday traditions is baking cookies with my kids. I baked Christmas cookies with my mom and grandma every year growing up, and when I had kids of my own I couldn’t wait to continue this tradition with them. Cookies make wonderful gifts for friends, teachers, and family. The process of baking them together with your kids makes such wonderful memories, too. It’s a timeless joy to pass down from generation to generation, building up a library of recipes as the years go by.

Pin Eggnog Sugar Cookies Adding eggnog to your sugar cookies takes them to the next level! Host a party to decorate these with friends and family. View RecipePin Holiday Chocolate Chip Sprinkle Bars These Holiday Chocolate Chip Sprinkle Bars are soft, chocolatey and just downright delicious. View RecipePin Gingerbread Cookies Another holiday classic! These Gingerbread Cookies are just so much fun to decorate with your kids. View RecipePin Peppermint Brookies Nothing says the holidays quite like the flavor of peppermint! These Peppermint Brookies are a marriage of cookies and brownies and oh so delicious! View RecipePin Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies All the fun of sugar cookies without the gluten! Having a food allergy doesn’t mean you have to miss out on holiday fun. View RecipePin Missouri Cookies When you want to make a holiday cookie that fits the bill no matter what you celebrate, these no bake Missouri Cookies are a mouthwatering treat! View RecipePin Sugar Cookies The ultimate holiday cookie! We make classic sugar cookies every year and it never gets old making memories decorating these together. View RecipePin Cake Mix Sprinkle Cookies Only 4 ingredients and loads of fun adding the sprinkles to these cookies! View RecipePin Homemade Oreo Cookies Making Oreos from scratch isn’t as difficult as it seems and they’re a great holiday baking activity. View RecipePin Sugar Cookie Trees Want to surprise your family with a fun activity to celebrate the holidays? Make a batch of these uber adorable Sugar Cookie Trees and get in the holiday spirit! View RecipePin Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies are simple to whip up and a huge crowd pleaser. View RecipePin The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies I know Chocolate Chip Cookies aren’t considered the most festive holiday cookie, but who doesn’t love one of these goodies anytime of year? View RecipePin Soft and Sweet Molasses Roll Out Cookies The texture and flavor of these molasses cookies is out of this world delicious! View RecipePin Classic Spritz Cookies Making these cookies during the holiday season growing up is one of my fondest memories and now my kids love making them too! View RecipePin Graham Crackers A classic graham cracker is always a win. Make these into fun holiday shapes like snowflakes and reindeer to boost the cheer! View RecipePin Vegan Almond Cookies Having certain preferences doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the cookie making party! These cookies are vegan and gluten free and fun to decorate! View RecipePin Cinnamon Mexican Wedding Cookies (aka Snowballs) Make it snow whether the weather permits or not with these adorable “snowball” cookies! View RecipePin Cheese Wafers When you get tired of the sweet holiday cookies, try out these cheese wafers to change things up. View RecipePin Chocolate Orange Snaps For these cookies we combine two of our favorite flavors – chocolate and orange – for a little something different than your classic sugar cookie. View RecipePin Chocolate Graham Crackers If graham crackers aren’t delicious enough, chocolate graham crackers should do the trick! View Recipe

I hope you have the most wonderful holiday season! Let me know in the comments what treats you’re baking this year.

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