15 Holiday Recipes to Make with Kids

November 29, 2022

The holidays are my favorite time of the year because it’s such an easy time to get my kids involved in the kitchen. There are so many fun recipes that little hands can help you make to start creating memories in the kitchen that last a lifetime. Here are 15 Holiday Recipes to Make with Kids!

Pin Icebox Log Cake This Icebox Log Cake is SO much fun to build. It’s basically an edible craft and oh so cute to make this time of year! View RecipePin Missouri Cookies We make these for Hanukkah every year and they’re so simple (no oven required!). They’re great for little ones who want to get their hands a little dirty and help flatten out the cookies. View RecipePin Christmas Bagel Wreaths There couldn’t be a cuter lunch to make than this Christmas Bagel Wreath. Let the kids decorate their “wreath” how they want and enjoy! View RecipePin Cheesy Popovers Even smaller kiddos can help mix together the batter for these delicious Cheesy Popovers. Plus watching them puff up while they’re in the oven is the most fun! View RecipePin Chocolate Covered Apple Lollipops If sprinkles and chocolate are involved, you better believe my kids are on board! These Chocolate Covered Apple Lollipops are super festive for the holidays! View RecipePin Spiced Apple Cider Any kid will love a warm mug of this Spiced Apple Cider. Let them get involved by helping squeeze the lemon juice and place the cinnamon sticks in the pot! View RecipePin Eggnog Sugar Cookies Decorating cookies is one of our family’s most favorite holiday activities. Adding eggnog to a classic sugar cookie is a fun way to change things up! View RecipePin Chocolate Dipped Matzah with Sprinkles Another fun Hanukkah activity to do together. These are so tasty and 100% kid approved! View RecipePin Reindeer Sandwiches Another super adorable holiday lunch idea are these Reindeer Sandwiches. Fill with your favorite nut butters and jams! View RecipePin Holiday Chocolate Chip Sprinkle Bars A sprinkle explosion! Every kid (and adult) loves making these decadent Chocolate Chip Sprinkle Bars for the holidays. View RecipePin Potato Latkes I used to get my kids involved by telling them to “using their muscles” to squeeze the excess moisture out of the grated potatoes for these Potato Latkes. Get ready to flex! View RecipePin Cake Mix Sprinkle Cookies These Cake Mix Sprinkle Cookies are beyond easy to make and pack a hugely festive holiday punch! Only 4 ingredients! View RecipePin Gingerbread Pancakes Not only do these taste incredible, but they’re so cute! Let your kids help you ladle the batter into the gingerbread man cookie cutter. View RecipePin Soft and Sweet Molasses Roll Out Cookies Bring out your favorite holiday cookie cutter shapes and whip up a batch of these together for a fun time! View RecipePin Challah Bread Pudding Watching this Challah Bread Pudding rise in the oven is about as much fun as getting to eat it! View Recipe

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