Meal Plan — Week 6

February 3, 2023

New week, new meal plan! Can’t believe it’s already February! How’s everyone’s year going? Here’s what we’re making for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner this week!


More smoothies per usual! This week we’re making Vanilla Avocado Greens Smoothies, Blueberry Chia Smoothies, and Pregnancy Smoothie. We also will use any extra bananas to make Banana Split Breakfast this weekend and these protein-packed Cottage Cheese Pancakes!



Snacks are what keeps us going throughout the day, so we’re making No Bake Cookie Dough Balls and I have these Healthy Snacks on hand! Plus we’re making Chocolate Banana Bites and a Chocolate Zucchini Bread loaf for the week. 



Air Fryer Tortilla Pillows and Whole Wheat Pizza Bagels for lunch are always welcomed. Plus we’re making Banana Dog Bites and Turkey Club Lettuce Wraps.



Sunday: Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry is super easy to whip up and everyone loves it! Marinating some tofu too for the vegetarians in the house. 


Monday: Cauliflower Steaks for Meatless Monday with Crispy Smashed Potatoes (a family favorite). 



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Tuesday: Turkey Tacos with Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, and Slaw from One Potato Box. This Taco Tuesday Meal is ready in less than 15 minutes thanks to One Potato!


Wednesday: Italian Braised Chicken with Roasted Cauliflower and Avocado Toast from One Potato Box. Super simple and delicious. 


Thursday: Chicken Pesto Pasta with a big Winter Farmers Market Salad on the side. This recipe is the easiest pasta recipe you could ever make!


Friday: It’s gonna be a One Potato Pizza night for Friday! Plus we’re making some Frozen Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bites for dessert.


Saturday: Support a local restaurant.

Click here for tons more Valentine’s recipes to make for next Monday! Which ones are you making?

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