5 Ways to Improve the Health of Your Home

August 28, 2015


Over the past few years we have tried to make some major changes in our home to protect the health of our family.

1. Buy Organic Produce – We buy most of our food at our local farmers markets focusing on organic or pesticide free foods that are locally grown as often as possible trying to avoid chemicals that can be sprayed on the food we eat that’s supposed to keep it beautiful. I would rather eat tasty food that’s unattractive to pretty food with little taste any day!

2. Use Natural Cleaning Supplies – When Kenya was born 8 1/2 years ago we started by tossing out any and all cleaning supplies made with toxins or pollutants.

3. Shoe Free Zone – We even decided to become a shoe free home so that we didn’t track in dirt and other contaminants from the outside world on to the floor that he would be crawling on all day.

4. Be Careful of Plastic – Right around the time Chloe was born I got rid of all the plastic in our home, which included cups, plates and anything that could be purchased in glass instead of plastic. It pained me to throw things away, but the more I educated myself the more I learned about what happens to food and water when the plastics leach into them!


5. Purify Your Water – This past year we went one step further by adding a water filtration system in our home that my husband had been wanting forever. It’s amazing that it not only tastes cleaner, but we also know that it purifies, energizes and mineralizes tap water and removes toxins such as micro plastic, which the sanitation system does not. Then when you think about carrying home huge jugs of water stored in plastic and realize the phylas from the container can actually leech into the liquid and then into our blood stream it’s one more step to realizing the immense benefits of a water filtration system.

I got turned on to Mira Water and their amazing, easy to use water purification system wanting to understand more about how it works and what it does exactly to make the water our family drinks as clean as possible. Here’s what I learned from them_

The Mira-Water dual filter removes all bacteria, viruses, pesticides, hormones, heavy metals and other toxins from tap water that is transported through pipes. In the mineral cartridge the purified tap water is infused with bioavailable minerals that can cross cell membranes such as calcium and magnesium and other ionized vital nutrients . Basic minerals already in the water remain, the levels of which can vary from place to place. The purified and mineralized tap water is revitalized through the energizer head. Through the soon-to-be-patented Mira-Water micro-swirl technology, tap water that can pass through cell membranes emerges just like in nature. And that has an enormous effect on how our bodies operate – do your daily detox simply by drinking great water!

We generally drink water, decaf coffee and tea everyday, so it’s important to us that our family is consuming the best quality water possible. If you want more information about installing a Mira Water System in your home just check out the link here.


This post is sponsored by Mira Water. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

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