Sunflower Butter

March 13, 2010


Many schools these days are nut-free. This is fantastic news for the roughly 3 million kids and adults in the U.S. with nut allergies, but an occasional annoyance for lunch making parents who rely on the quick-to-prepare and oh-so-delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich their kids almost universally love. Some time ago, a friend turned me on to sunflower butter. Although I loved sunflower seeds, I wasn’t so sure that sunflower butter would have the same taste appeal as other nut butters. That was until I tasted it. I was shocked by how much I enjoyed it (and, lucky for me, so did Kenya and his friends).

At weelicious, we have featured a number of recipes using peanut and almond butter, so I am relieved that there is a substitute ingredient for them that’s delicious as well as nutritious. Sunflower butter is packed with protein and Vitamin E, important for growing little bodies and it has a texture and consistency similar to peanut butter, so there’s nothing unusual for kids to get used to.

So, the next time you’re considering making Rice Crisp-Wee Treats, Banana Almond Butter Pops, Elvis Panini’s or any other weelicious recipes featuring nut butters but are afraid because of nut allergies, just substitute sunflower butter and you can enjoy the same delicious treats!

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